So one of the amazing things about being pregnant is that you wear free clothes, alot.😊 Yeah, even if you must wear tight fitted clothes, they have to be made from knitted fabrics(stretch fabric) but for an ankara lover like me, that wouldn’t just do….I love ankara and the fact that they all don’t come stretchy means I have to wear more free clothes. But then, who wouldn’t love a well-structured and neatly made dress like Trapeze….?

For those that do not know what a Trapeze dress is, well, it’s a kind of triangular dress(a version of an A-line dress) but unlike A-line dresses, the silhouette begins at your shoulders and flairs out over your form.

They are also different from circular dresses because they are not folded in squares before they are cut.

So during the weekend, I’m going to make one of these for myself and because I love to share, I’ll be showing you how it is done via video. So don’t miss out!

Also, I’m going to be introducing us to “HOW TO DRAFT FASHION FIGURES”. We all know that in this part of the world, you can not be taken seriously as a fashion designer if you can not draft fashion figures for your own designs. For some reason, alot of us think it’s difficult. But next week, I’m going to be showing a little bit of how easy it is.

Image source: IDrawFashion

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