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Do you know you can conveniently pay for our products and services using your bank cards?

Oh yes! You can get our products and services from our Online Store here and make payments using your bank cards no matter where you are in the world. As both our local and international customer, you can see prices for our products and services in both Naira and USD.

Just simply here to start shopping now!

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Well, as Nigerians, I know how we feel about using our bank cards over the internet and as international customer I am also aware of the distrust that hovers the web about doing business with Nigerians, especially with the persistent raise of cyber-crimes and scams all over the world wide web. But I am here to assure you that our online payment portals are safe and secured and that just the way you conveniently shop online and make bill payments, same way you can securely pay for our products using your bank cards.

Currently, we’ve upgraded our Local Credit card payment gateway from our previously supported gateway-Cash Envoy to Paystack in order to ensure instant, quick, and safe online payment. This is how much we want to make payment here online very easy for you. So as a local customer, Paystack offers you the option to either pay directly using your bank cards(Mastercard, Verve, Visa) or from your bank balance.

So you don’t want to pay directly from your bank card, then you can choose to make payments directly from your bank.

Well, I think that’s awesome

Then, as an international customer, you can pay for our products using your bank cards through our payment gateway, hosted by 2Checkout. 2checkout does not only ensure that you can pay directly from your bank card but also from your Paypal Balance.

So what’s your excuse?

Visit our online store now and shop for all our available sewing, pattern-making, bag-making, shoe-making, jewelry-making tutorials. You already know we are da best!.

Also available in our shop are fabrics, already-made clothes and outfits.

Coming soon are sewing machines, sewing equipment and accessories. See here to learn more

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Other supported payment options available are:

  1. Paypal
  2. Bank transfer/deposit
  3. Cash on Delivery (For physical goods only)
  4. Local mobile recharge cards

Besides offering the best and hassle-free shopping experience ever, we also have a quick and fast responsive team to help make your shopping experience worthwhile. So do you need help getting our products or services? then contact us immediately or chat with a live agent.

For more information on how to make payments using our available payment options, please click here

Also see our FAQs, Privacy Policy and Refund policy

So till next time for more juicy updates, kisses!


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