TheQEffectz online classes which is powered by TheQEffectz E-training program is an online training program designed to train interested men and women in the art of sewing and fashion designing. These classes are held on our official website


We offer quality online classes to both Local and International prospective students for very affordable prices in both local and international currencies.


This class houses beginner-friendly lessons which are used to train dummies or beginners who have absolutely no idea how to sew (that is from skill level 0-3), into Intermediate students.

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This class is empowered to give intermediate-friendly lessons to help prospective students learn more about sewing and fashion designing

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TheQEffectz Advanced Class is a place for students who have learnt all the basics of sewing and fashion designing but want to take their skills to a more professional level.

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Register for our online classes today no matter where you are in the world; Our classes remain the most affordable in the world with quality uncompromising and delivery, impeccable.

Regular Class
N1,000-N8,000/ $2.8-$22

6 to 7 courses

Sewing video classes(unlimited)

Patternmaking classes(unlimited)

Bag-making video classes

Craft-making video classes

Sewing e-books, videos & E-patterns(unlimited)

Jewelry-making classes

Shoe-making classes

Student Assessment, Exams, Graduation, Cerification

Free Shop hosting & Runway show

Affiliation with TheQEffectz


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Frequently Asked Questions

Online class/Training Programs

Kindly visit here to learn how to register and pay.

Yes we do. However our physical classes are mainly workshops for now(when this changes we will let you know) which are held between 3-7 days. We move from location to location to teach interested individuals how to sew. See here to learn more

This depends on the class you are registering for. While the Beginner class lasts for three months, the Intermediate and Advanced classes last for a period of four months respectively. See here to learn more

As an International new or registered student, you can pay or renew your class subscription by visiting here to learn how to pay in your country’s local currency. Then visit here to pay.

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