Registration for TheQeffectz E-training program is a three stage process:
  1. Before Registration
  2. How to register
  3. How to pay
  4. After Payment
Therefore, kindly click on the tabs to see what is required in these four stages.
1..Click here to learn more about TheQEffectz E-training program

2. Visit "Online Classes" to see the classes we have available

3. Click "Courses & Syllabuses" to see the various topics to be treated in all classes during the training period

4. Check "Pricing & Features" to know how much each class costs per month or as one-time payment

5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Sign up"

6. Fill the registration form. (Users of this form are advised to refrain from using Operamini or any other non-javascript supported browser. Recommended browsers include Google Chrome. Firefox, Microsoft Edge or your default (aka follow-come) mobile phone browser)  
1..Visit your mailbox(inbox or spambox) to see the "Complete your registration" mail.

2. Complete your registration by visiting "TheQEffectz Online Class Payment Portal"

3. Select your preferred payment portal- Local Student Payment Gateway or International Student Payment Gateway, depending on your current location

4. Select registered class and pay.

Sample Description
Because TheQEffectz default currency is local (i.e in Naira), International prospective and registered students should note that they can pay for their classes in their own country's local currency by simply following the steps below:

Step 1: Select preferred class from the listed tabs



Step 2: Click on "Select Options". You will be led to the class package description page.



Step 3: Click "Choose an option". A drop down menu of the various class payment packages will appear. Step 4: Select your preferred payment package. Step 5: Then click "Add to cart". Step 6: Then click on "View Cart". You will be lead to your cart containing a detailed explanation of your class package totals Step 7: Then click on "Proceed to Checkout". You will be led to a customer/billing information page Step 8:Enter your details correctly in the space provided. Step 9: At the bottom of the page, select your preferred payment option and click "Place order"

Paying with Paypal? Then select "Pay with credit/Debit card(International students only"

You will be led to your cart summary page.

Step 10: Click "Pay with Credit/Debit cards(International Students only)".

You will be led to a secured payment portal hosted by 2checkout.

See screenshots below:



Step 12: To change the class package default currency to your country's local currency, click the drop down menu at the "Change Currency" setting on the right side of your pc.

For mobile users, click the "Circle" icon at the top right of your payment page.

A drop down list of the various currencies available will display.

Step 13: Select your country's local currency and click "Done" The class package price will automatically change to the price in your country's local currency. Step 14: Click on "Continue to Billing Information"



A customer/billing information automatically entered for you will display.

Step 15: Click on "Continue to payment method". You will be led to page containing two payment options: Credit/Debit and Paypal Step 16: Select your preferred payment option.

Paying with Paypal? Select the Paypal tab

Step 17: Click on "Submit payment"

1.. Visit your mailbox(inbox or spambox) for "Your Receipt" mail from our sales department

2. Visit your mail inbox(inbox or spambox) within 7 business days for a "Welcome Mail" containing your log in details, Student Guide and Class Timetable

3. Visit your "Student Portal"

1. What is TheQEffectz E-training program all about?

TheQEffectz E-training program is an online training program hosted on TheQEffectz website. It was set up to empower, educate as well as train interested individuals in the art of sewing, fashion designing, crafts, shoe-making, jewelry etc. To learn more about TheQEffectz E-training program, please click here.

2. How do I register for the Online training program

Please visit here to register

3. How much is the Online training classes?

The pricing depends on the available classes. TheQEffectz online classes are made up of three:- Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes. Visit here to check out the pricing of each class

4. Can I pay for the online classes in installments?

Yes,  Classes can be paid monthly or as one-time payment on TheQEffectz. However one time payment attracts a 20% discount. See here to learn more.

5. How do I know the course or syllabuses of each class?

By simply clicking here to check them out.

6. I am a registered student of TheQEffectz online classes, how do I log into my class?

Please visit here to log in or check your student guide.

7. As a student, I can not continue with the training for reasons beyond my control, Can I defer my admission to another session?

Yes, just Contact Us immediately and your admission will be deferred.

8. Does TheQEffectz E-training program take place on TheQEffectz Sew community?

No. TheQEffectz E-training program is held on our website and not on TheQEffectz Sew community.

9. Do you offer private classes?

Yes we do. However, they cost a lot more than our public classes. Please contact us for further information.

10. As an International visitor, can I sign up for your classes considering the time difference?

Yes you can. This is because our classes are pre-made so you can have access to them no matter where you are in the world as long as you are a registered student. To sign up for our classes as an international visitor, please click here.

11. Is the online training only for Local students?

No. TheQEffectz online training program is opened to all; no matter where you are in the world. To sign up, please visit here.

12. I registered for Training program but didn't get a follow-up mail. 

Kindly check your mail inbox or SPAMbox. If you still can not find our follow up mail, Contact us immediately.

13. I lost my password/Username, How do I retrieve them?

Kindly follow the steps here to learn how to retrieve your username or password.

14. Can I change my default password?

Yes you can. simply follow the steps here to change your default password.

15. I can not log into my classroom

If the error message while logging in suggests "You have entered the wrong username or password", kindly enter the right ones. Make sure your caplocks are off or that while copying your log in details, you did not include any space. If problem persist, reset your password by following the steps here.

16. How do I submit my assignments or projects?

Students are usually provided with their tutor's email address or whatapp contact at the end of each class or simply visit the "Meet the tutors" page to check out the details.

17. How do I know I am doing well during the academic session?

Students are given tasks, assignments and projects to work on as assessed accordingly. Every month, a monthly assessment is prepared and displayed on your class room page. This assessment will help you determine what areas of our courses you are excelling at and what areas you are failing. Also, at the end of the session, a final examination is proffered to the students and they are assessed according to determine who will graduate to the next class.

18. As a student, what are the basis of my performance?

Assignment, tasks, projects, attendance and of course your final examination.

19. I registered for the training classes but I didn't get my username or password

Unfortunately, sometimes, our mails can get lost in people's SPAMBOXES. So please check your mail inbox or spam box for your username or password. If you still can not find the mail, contact us immediately

20. How do I pay to join the online training classes

Kindly visit here to learn how and register

21. How do I know which class to register for?

Oh we have that covered for you. Just simply visit here and take our skill level quiz. At the end of the quiz, our software will help you decide.