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So it’s finally here…after three years of planning due to financial restraints and deliberations….TheQEffectz Mobile App. And I am so proud to say that I designed the app by myself from start to finish, courtesy of Appypie.

Why you should download TheQEffectz Mobile App?

1.. It is free: First of all, TheQEffectz mobile app is absolutely free. Plus there are no ads in the app. You can choose to buy the for paid tutorials or shop from our online shop. You will also be required though to create an account or sign in with Facebook. But do note that you will pay absolutely nothing for this.

2.. Easy navigation: So we noticed that not everyone likes going through several pages and posts to find what they are looking for. And sometimes, they even get lost among pages looking for a particular information. With TheQEffectz App, everything is laid out for you to see and enjoy.

3. Easy viewing & downloading of tutorials: Because we’ve been in operation for over three years now, most of our tutorials have been lost in pages and posts. But with TheQEffectz Mobile App, you can view all our tutorials in one page and download them straight to your mobile devices without any hassle, but as long as you have a good internet connection.

You can gain access to our free and for paid sewing tutorials, patterndrafting tutorials, crafts, bagmaking, shoe making and jewelry making tutorials at all skill levels.

You can also choose what format of tutorial you wish to see: Written or video tutorials; also available for all skill level.

4. Free Sewing E-books & E-patterns: From TheQEffectz Mobile app, you can also view or download free or for paid sewing ebooks and e-patterns.

Need immediate sewing help or assistance? Then feel free to request for any sewing tutorial you wish to see on our website, using the “Request for Tutorials” form in the app. You can also upload the photo of your request from the app.

5. Registration of TheQEffectz E-training program: Registration for TheQEffectz E-training program has been made even easier using this app. You can have all the information you need about our online training program, register and even pay for the classes from the app.

You can also get direct help and support from the app by chatting with a live agent via chatroom or via whatsapp.

6. Logging into Classroom: Students of TheQEffectz E-training center can also log in to the classes, renew their class subscription(for per-month payers only) and get immediate help and assistance from our 24 hours customer service using the app. see screenshot below

7. Shop: You can shop for our various sewing/pattern making tutorials, sewing machine and equipment from TheQEffectz mobile app. Just simply click the “more” button and then on “shop”

So you can see that TheQEffectz Mobile app is all you need to enjoy a seamless way of sewing and fashion designing. You can also be on your way to learning new skills like bag-making, knitting & crocheting, shoe-making and jewlerymaking. So download it now to your Android devices and Iphones.

Click here to download and install the app

Don’t forget that registration into TheQEffectz August-December 2018 Etraining session has already commenced. Register now as Registrations will close August 30th, 2018. See here to learn more

For more information about our E-training program, please click here or contact us.

So till next time for more juicy updates, kisses!

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