TheQEffectz Online Class is an online training platform set up to cater for the needs and desires of individuals who wish to learn how to sew and design clothes from the comfort of their homes or mobile devices at minimal cost.

We do not only train men or women online but also on our local streets, schools, churches and hall centers. We set up workshops and seminars to help interested individual grow their sew and fashion designing skills and businesses.

Since you may not be able to join us in these physical workshops, we've decided to bring the trainings, classes as well as workshops to you through our online classes, no matter where you are in the world. And we promise that it would be just like being the same room with us. After all, isn't that what we've become famous for?

Age Restrictions: We accept Students from 12 years and above

Sex: Both Male and Female are welcomed to enroll for both our physical and online classes.

Religion and Race: All religion and race is accepted

Language: Student must be able to read and understand English

Location: Students from all parts of the world are accepted as long as he or she understands English
1. To empower men and women from Africa and the world at large to be financially independent.

2. To transform the passion to sew into an addiction and income-generation venture

3. To train and help improve the sewing and fashion designing skills of the prospective students

4. To train prospective students to be self-empowered entrepreneurs and business minded individuals

1. To provide the ideal and easy to navigate online platform for learning.

2. To ensure speedy performance, access and quick-load time of these platforms

3. To ensure each class is handled by qualified, committed and well-equipped tutors.

4. To ensure students experience absolutely no difficulty in accessing their classrooms and interacting with tutors and classmates alike.

5. To ensure that live workshop are brought into each class for rapt learning and discovery

6. To ensure easy learning and quick assimilation of the various courses and topics.

7. To esnure that all aspects of sewing and fashion designing are covered in the curriculum
TheQEffectz online classes are derived from the three main skill levels in fashion designing- Beginner, intermediate and Advanced.

While the beginner level is for individuals who have absolutely no sewing/fashion designing skill, the intermediate and advanced level are for individuals who want to improve on their existing sewing skills.

Thus, the available classes include:

1. Beginner Class

2. Intermediate Class

3. Advanced Class

We offer diverse course all levels of studies and they include: 1. Pattern-drafting

2. Sewing

3. Crafts(Knitting & Crocheting)

4. Bag-making

5. Shoe-making

6. Jewelry-making. etc
TheQEffectz Online class is an automated system(i.e upon registration and payment, classes begin), therefore there are no training sessions.

Thus, as a prospective student, you can begin anytime.

However, each class/ course is limited to a specific time.

While all courses in the Beginner class last for 12 weeks(3 months), all courses in the Intermediate class span for a period of 16 weeks(4 months).

For the Advanced Class, all courses span for a period of 18 weeks(6 months)