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Welcome to The Q Effectz: the home of sew lovers and story addicts. And we are super excited to have you. Although The Q Effectz was first founded in 2014 by Quincy Kanayo Iwediokpulu, who is known to be a fashion designer and mystery/gist writer, it has since become a collaborative efforts of individuals who share in the vision of making a positive impact in their own little corner of the world, by equipping interested individuals with the relevant tool for self-discovery, creativity, personal growth and development, awareness, et cetera, through the following:
1. Sewing and Pattern-making/Diys
2. Stories
3. Inspirational Podcasts
4. Entertainment


The Q Effectz aims to empower young Nigerian women and men alike, by ensuring/granting easy access to one of the fastest and self-sufficient source of income currently in Nigeria: Sewing and Fashion designing. It is the goal of The  Q Effectz to ensure that these arts of sewing and creative writing is brought to the doorstep of people, in an effort to inspire as well as bridge the gap of accessibility, productivity and affordability.

The Q Effectz aims to educate, as well as teach individuals how to sew from the comfort of their homes with little to no cost. Writers through the platform can share with ease their stories or put them up as e-books for sale or for free. Through this platform, we hope to build self-sufficient and financially independent people who can rely on their gifts of sewing and writing to make a source of living, thus minimizing the incidence of unemployment in the country and high-cost of living.


One of the greatest visions of The Q Effectz is to become  the best Nigerian Online Fashion schools with studios around the country and beyond. It is the vision of The Q Effectz to render quality and very affordable services, classes and products to clients and interested individuals at large. Through these visions, we hope to change the world and become that positive effect the world needs.


The Q Effectz is impossible without team effort and it's team members are:

Founder and Blog Administrator of The Q Effectz.

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Simply send interest to and you'll be just one step away from becoming an Effect. 

For questions or concerns, kindly send us a mail via 

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