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Hi beautiful people.
So I'm here to quickly remind us of the various ways that you too can make money from TheQEffectz.  As earlier mentioned in my previous post,  you can start making money from selling your products online via TheQEffectz Online shop. It's simple really... Just apply here and one of TheQEffectz business executives will guide you on how to proceed so that you too can make money from your fashionable products like alreadymade clothes,  shoes,  bags, jewelries,  fabrics,  crafts and even fairly used sewing machineries.

Apply now... And let's help you sell. 

Click here to apply now 

You can learn more about TheQEffectz for client's program here

Now to encourage more sales for those who wish to sell their physical goods online,  we have introduced the "Cash on delivery" payment option. This way,  your customers will be able to pay for their products when you deliver. This is important because not alot of customers are comfortable making payments online. Now because this payment option is effected outside our online store and without our various payment systems,  we charge a standard rate of N2,500/$8.19 per month. So even if you are making 100 sales in a month through our shop,  all you still have to pay is N2,500/ $8.19. Like seriously,  where else can you get a rate as low as this?
To be honest,  I'm flabbergasted that my sales team could be this generous.

More interestingly,  you get the first month for free as trial
For the first month when you apply here to sell and select the cash on delivery payment option,  you sell,  deliver and receive payment for free. 

So quickly go sign up now and start seling your products online.  TheQEffectz is a multistore sef,  meaning you can sell both internationally andlocally depending on your location. 

So if I was you,  I'll grab this opportunity to reach million and millions of people all over the world with my product and start making money too.
So still next time when I'm back with more juicy updates, kisses!




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  1. Qz is heaven-sent. God bless you now and always


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