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Hi Beautiful people
Okay, so I'm here to quickly remind us of the several short cuts you can access to reach us about our products and services. 
Because calls are very expensive these days, we've provided a whatsapp portal-08030971467 from which you can reach us about our products and services. Please do note that you can also call us via this number. For those who are also interested in joining our sew community(see here to learn more), simply send a whatsapp message to this number and Aunty Nicole will be there to help you.

Learn more about her here.

With her help and Nene's(who is TheQEffectz Community administrator), you can be rest assured that you will have little or no problem getting our products and of course services.

It is also important you also know that you can not reach me personally via this number. My personal number has been restricted to limited few. This is because of the numerous harassment I've been getting from people I do not know, and considering I still have a wedding to plan, please permit my absence and cooperate with those I have put in-charge of these duties.

These beautiful women volunteered to help me, so please cooperate with them and I can guarantee that they will be of great help and support to you.

Read more about them here.

By the way, we also have a 24 hours customer service via our live chat portal(see screenshot below)
Just tap/click on the chat icon and a pop menu will appear where you can interact with our chat agents and the rest of the team.
Don't forget that our mail services are still fully operational and you can contact us anytime via Got questions or concerns about our products and services and how to get them, then simply mail

So till next time with more updates here on TheQEffectz, kisses!



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PHONE NUMBER: 08030971467

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