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THEQEFFECTZ FOR CLIENTS PROGRAM: Sell Online and make more money!

Hi guys!
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In the meantime, let me quickly let you guys in on what TheQEffectz is cooking. My team and I came up with a brilliant plan to help others make money through our online shop. We've decided to open the doors to those who are interested in selling their products online. This could be physical products like Already-made dresses/outfits, shoes, bags, jewelries,  and so on and so forth. Or they could be intangible goods like what we already do, that is Ebooks, sewing videos, tutorials, E-patterns, etc. as long as these products meet our terms and conditions .

So if you will love to sell your products online but do not want to go through the stress of managing an online shop or applying to credit card companies for approval, let's help you sell.
We have so many great features to help you sell. 

1. Already existing online shop for both physical and non-physical goods.
2. Four amazing easy to use payment methods( Paypal(for international customers only), Bank cards(credit/debit cards(for both local and international customers), Bank deposit/transfer, local recharge cards(local customers only)
3. Quick and responsive Team
4. Good customer service(Calls, Live chat, Whatsapp)
5. Shipping/ Digital download.

Read more of all our available features, including our cost and charges, here

All you have to do for us is make sure these products meet the following criteria.
1. Finished products: The products you plan to sell must be ready to sell. TheQEffectz will not accept unfinished products or products that are work in progress. We will require a certificate of completion for finished( physical products) and a signed copy from author consenting to the sale of his or her ebook, in the case of a publisher.

2. Fashion related: All products sold on TheQEffectz must be related to what we do.i.e fashion designing and sewing, hair-making, beauty and makeup etc. Therefore your products should include, dresses, outfits, shoes, bags, jewelries, crafts, brought new or fairly-used sewing machineries, ebooks, E-patterns, sewing videos and tutorials, beauty products, hair extensions/ accessories etc.

3. Must abide by our terms and conditions: Please click here to see our terms and conditions

4. High Quality and Standard: TheQEffectz has the right to reject or refuse any product that falls below standard and quality. All sub-standard products will be rejected.

5. Ready for delivery: Your products must be ready for delivery. So ensure you have your delivery team ready. 

For authors or publishers, please ensure your products are already in downloadable forms like pdf, epub, word, etc.

So are you ready to sell?

Please click here to apply now.

Don't forget to download TheQEffectz For Client Ebook to learn more about this.

For more questions or enquries, please email us via or call/text/whatsapp @ 08030971467.


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  1. Good to know about this program that I believe, will be much helpful for me to have some extra income in my free time.


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