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Hi Sewlovers!
So it's finally here-registration for the anticipated QEffectz E-training center. As already mentioned in our previous post(see here if you missed it), this registration is opened from now till August 30th 2017 as classes will open August 31st 2017.
Remember that the purpose of this training programme is to empower men and women, boys and girls who wish to become professional sewists, fashion designers and entrepreneurs at minimal to zero cost. We are not only going to be doing this online, but also on the streets as well(i.e in churches, schools, hall centers etc ). Fortunately, we've been able to put together the ideal sew team to see this through(thanks to those who applied and were approved to be our team members). Since you may not be able to join us in these physical training centers, we've decided to bring the programme to you through our E-training center, no matter where you are in the world. And we promise that it would be just like being in the same room with us. After all, isn't that what we've become famous for? Isn't that what TheQEffectz is basically about? Bringing the art of sewing and fashion designing to the doorsteps of people and making it easily accessible and affordable?
Anyway, below are the objectives and goals of this training programme.


1. To empower men and woman in Africa and the world at large through self-discovering and financial empowerment tools like sewing and fashioning designing
2. To transform the passion to sew into an addiction.
3. To train prospective students in the field of sewing and fashion designing.
4. To train prospective students to be self-empowered entrepreneurs and business minded individuals.
5. To train qualified and self-sufficient sewists and fashion designers.
See more here.


1. To provide the ideal and easy-to-navigate online platform for learning
2. To ensure speedy performance, access and quick load time of these platforms.
3. To ensure each class is handled by qualified and well-equipped tutors
4. To ensure students experience absolutely no difficulty accessing their classrooms and interacting with tutors and classmates alike
5. To ensure that live workshop are brought into each class for rapt learning and discovery
6. To ensure easy learning and quick assimilation of the various courses.
7. To ensure that all aspects of sewing and fashion designing are covered.

As already mentioned in my previous post, this training center is made up of three classes:

  • TheQEffectz Beginners' class
  • TheQEffectz Intermediate Class
  • TheQEffectz Advanced Class

While registration into the Beginners' class is free, registration into the Intermediate class and Advanced classes cost N5000 and N8000 per month respectively. There is however 20% discount for as one-time payment for each paid packages.
See Pricing here.
The Beginner's class will last for a period of three months beginning August 31st to November 31st while the Intermediate and Advanced class will last for a period of 4 months also beginning from August- December 2017.
The top five graduates from the beginner's class will get free membership into the Intermediate class. The top three from the intermediate will also get free membership into the Advanced class. As for the top graduate from the advanced class, he or she will become an Affiliate of theQEffectz, will be entitled to free shop hosting here on theQEffectz. That is, he or she can sell his or her products via our online shops here and mobile app for free and so on and so forth.
See more about this here.


  1. Visit here to check out our free and paid classes and their syllaibi. 
  2. Sign up: Before you sign up, pleasure ensure to read our terms and conditions. For paid classes, simply proceed to the payment page and select any of the payment options available.
  3. Pay and download the class syllabus. For free classes, please visit your mailbox after registration to download a copy of the class syllabus.
  4. Visit your mailbox for your student username and password.
  5. Join the class. Please note that classes do not open till August 31st, 2017
For more information or enquiries, please click here or call/whatsapp via 08030971647.
For questions, kindly them on the comment box or send a mail to

So till I return with more updates here on TheQEffectz, kisses!



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    1. I think the syllabus for the other classes should be included in the programme details above not until payment or registration is done. One should have a clue of what each class entails. It will help one figure out which class to go for.

      1. Hello zinat
        Thank you for you comment. Please visit there is also a video explaining more elaborately what these classes entail.
        Thnk you once again for your comment

    2. Thank you very much for sharing registration update for the program. I will for sure register myself to have best learning experience ahead.
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    3. Pls, i just ordered ow to sew the net padded peplum blouse, pls ow do i get it?

      1. Hello Ikogho. Please visit your mail box for further instructions or contact us via our customer service call and chatline @08030971467


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