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ALL SLEEVES TUTORIAL(Including How to cut the perfect armhole)

Hi Sewlovers!
How are you all doing? It's been a while. Well, I've been hanging around. With my wedding coming up in August, I still have a lot on my plate(See the Prewedding outfits I made and place an order for yours). Lately, I realized that my sewing machine can not sew the stretch fabric I bought for my bridesmaids. I mean I almost went into cardiac arrest, because I had already cut out the style and all. But anyway, thanks to the members of TheQEffectz Sew Community, I got to learn that there are actually machine needles that can do the trick.

So if you've ever been in such a dilemma before and didn't know what to do, just go to any fabric or sewing accessories shop and ask for 'HA x 16 needles' for manual sewing machines or 'DA x 16 needles' for industrial sewing machines. 

They look like this:

And not this:


or This

Even though these are all sewing machine needles, they all work differently on fabrics.(see more details on sewing needles and their functions in our forthcoming sewing training center or Join TheQEffectz Sew Community now!)
So thanks to my wonderful members, I was able to find the perfect needle for the fabric.

And so, it is with this gratitude that I present to them, the tutorial that they've been asking for: How to properly cut out an armhole and how to make the various sleeves.

Alot of them have been making complaints that their clients find it difficult to raise their arms after attaching sleeves.

Now this can be due to a number of reasons which include but are not limited to:
  1. Improper cutting of the armhole: This is where the armhole is too small or too wide. Sometimes, the width of the armhole and shoulders can affect the structure of the sleeve. If the armhole or shoulder is too small, it can disorient the sleeves when attached and cause discomfort.
  2. Sewing technique: Most sewist unfortunately use the same method of joining a shirt sleeve popularly known as set-in-sleeves, to attach a regular blouse sleeve or a puff sleeve and expect the sleeves to be okay on the outfit. But that is not always the case. 

This method of attaching sleeve is only used for Set-In-Sleeves and not blouse or puff sleeves.
Note that Set-In sleeves are sleeves where the entire sleeve fits smoothly within the armhole. The sleeve cap fits over the shoulder point with a smooth finish so there is no need for little pleats or ruffles for ease. 

So basically, how a sleeve is attached is determined by the type of sleeves itself and this brings me to the two methods of attaching sleeves.
1. Setting the sleeve in-around: This method is mostly used when your sleeve has fullness around the shoulder but none at the armpit level.
This method requires that you join the ends of the sleeves together before attaching them to the armscye of the bodice.

2. Setting the sleeve from the shoulder: As already mentioned in Set-In-sleeeves.

So with all of this in mind, the "ALL SLEEVES TUTORIAL" which contains all the relevant sleeve tutorials ranging from how to make a regular blouse sleeve, puff sleeve, shirt sleeve, cap sleeve, petal/tulip sleeve, raglan sleeve, peplum sleeve, bell-sleeves e.t.c. It also includes HOW TO CUT THE PERFECT ARMHOLE using your client's body measurements.

Category: Pattern & Sewing tutorial
Skill level: Beginners & Intermediates
Price: Free

To get the full copy, simply subscribe now or join TheQEffectz Sew Community for N150 N100 only. You can pay via either Mobile Recharge cards or Wire transfer. Simply click here to learn more. Members of the community will get the full copy of the tutorial as soon as the group opens for week.

So still next time for more updates here on TheQEffectz. Kisses!



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