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Hi Sewlovers
So we are going hardcore. lolx
Yay! You have no idea how excited I am about this.
We TheQEffectz team has decided that it is time to broaden our scope from just making posts about Sewing, Patternmaking and crafts. We've decided its high time we start training students who are willing to partake in our online classes. We want to turn sewlovers into professional sewists and fashion designers.
We don't want it to be just a hobby for you when we all know that you can make so much from sewing and designing.

So currently, we are working on setting this up legally, as well as building an ideal platform for this training. So come August 2017, we are going to be more than just a blog. We are going to be a training center both physically and online.


In an effort to achieve our vision, which is to empower young men and women through self-awareness, financial empowering tools like sewing, fashion designing,arts and crafts, by ensuring easy access and cheap affordability(see more about our vision and mission), we've decided to set up training classes for interested individuals for free or at very affordable prices. These training platforms are going to be set up online to reach millions and millions of people interested in building their sewing skills or careers and these platforms will be powered by Edublogs. So far, this is the best teaching platform we’ve come across. It encourages so many features like:
  1. Uploading of images
  2. Uploading/embedding of videos(limited to 49mb). So yes we are going to be having video classes. It will be just like a physical classroom.
  3. Use of table of contents as well as tables for structuring datas.
  4. Student posts: Here, students will get the chance to submit their assignment via images or videos or via posts by simply making posts.
  5. Log in/Sign in: Here, students would have to sign in or log in to take part in the classes. However, intended students would have to register first before they will be assigned their username and password to join the classes.
  6. Blogging: Students can also create their own blog(unlimited). However, this feature will be disabled to TheQEffectz students, unless authorized by the admin.
  7. Users: There is no limit to the number of tutors/ users we can add to this platform, ensuring therefore there are different tutors for different classes.
  8. Great commenting system: Unlike our blogsite(powered by Blogger), where visitors/members have been finding it difficult to leave their questions or comments, this platform ensures that students encounter absolutely no difficulty leaving their questions or comments.
 Also, these classes are going to be specific to the needs of various sewists, and will thus be divided into three classes:
  1. Beginner's Class
  2. Intermediate Class
  3. Advanced Class

While the Beginners’ class will be made available for free, other classes will come with a cheap price tag. However, the first five graduates from the Beginner’s class will be able to join the Intermediate class for free. While the first three graduates from the Intermediate class will be able to graduate to the Advanced class for free. As for the graduates from the Advanced class, the best(one) from the list will become an affiliate of theQEffectz. He or she can sell his or her physical goods on theQEffectz  at zero cost.

However, in light of this development, we are going to need a team to work with. Not just a team, but a dedicated one. Partners, who want to make extra money tutoring students online. 

To become an online tutor here on TheQEffectz, you must possess the following:
  1. Good written & Oral English skill
  2. Sewing/Patternmaking/Craft-making/Diy skills
  3. Sewing studio
  4. Laptop/Pc & smartphone
  5. Digital and Media Applications: Picture & Video Camera, Picture & Video Editors, Microsoft Word, File converters, Pdf & Epub reader.
  6. Regular Data Subscription
  7. Active social media: Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, LinkedIn.
  8. Active Email Account.
  9. Active Bank account
  1. Resourcefulness: As a tutor, you must be resourceful. This quality is essential to help build your students with new ideas and sewing concepts
  2. Must be thoughtful: You have to be thoughtful enough to provide quick response to your students question
  3. Smartness & patience: it takes alot of patience to teach. As a tutor, you will need this quality to be able to prepare your classes in a very explicit way and for easy understanding. And of course, many may not easily understand. Thus it will be your duty to ensure they do.
  4. Charismatic: the energy you bring into the classroom through your words or appearance can determine how well your students will enjoy your class for that day. People tend to fall inlove with people with charismatic personalities. So if you want your students to love your teachings, you have to be charismatic.
  5. Accuracy: Being accurate and thorough in the preparation of your topics can not be overemphasized. So it is important that as a tutor, you have the quality of being accurate about your teachings. It may not be 100%, but please let it be atleast 90.
  6. Kindness: In TheQEffectz Sew community, being kind is one of the house rules. This is because we do not want members who would rather keep what they know to themselves. Knowledge they say, is power. So the more you provide people with that knowledge, the more powerful they become. Besides, this is what TheQEffectz is all about, empowering men and women. So we need tutors who will be kind enough to help us do that.
  7. Dedication: This is of most importance because I have no intention of working with people who are not dedicated. So taking this seriously is very important to me. Our tutors must be dedicated to their work and must make sure they keep to time, prepare their classes as when due and respond to questions as soon they see them.

The duties of an online tutor here on TheQEffectz are:
  1. Preparation of classes: As a tutor in our online training classrooms, it is your duty to prepare your classes as well as topics to be treated. This could be written or via video which must be made as "posts" on TheQEffectz Online classroom dashboards. You will be able to upload these videos or write this posts as a tutor. It is also important that you stick by the class syllabus which will be given to you as soon as you become a tutor. If written, these classes must be well-written and easy to understand. If made as videos, they must be well-broadcast with clear audio sound and video coverage.
  2. Scheduling of classes: As a tutor, you can decide on what days of the week will be convenient for you to teach. However, please do note that your classes must be within the timeframe specified in the syllabus.
  3. Attendance: As a tutor, it is your responsibility to ensure your students are fervently following your classes.
  4. Answering of Questions: It is your responsibility as a tutor to respond to questions made in your class. However, private tutoring(one-on-one) chat with students is exclusive to Intermediate and advanced classes only.
  5. Student Assessment: As a tutor, it is your duty to assess your students via their assignments, tests and exams. Please note that you must prepare assignments for your students in every class and assess them accordingly.
  6. Liason with Other tutors: As a tutor, it is expected that from time to time, you liase with other tutors to get more insights and information. Meeting up with your colleagues and getting their contributions will also be a great way to build team spirit.

As a tutor you can benefit from teaching on our platform in the following ways:

  1. Monthly Pay:  A percentage(which is yet to be decided) will be paid monthly to your account. This percentage will be derived from the registration fees paid by interested student.
  2. Sale of Tutorials: You can also put up your own ebooks and video tutorials for sale in the TheQEffectz resource’s store and TheQEffectz Mobile App. However, classes treated via video or otherwise, must be made available for free in the respective classes.
  3. Sale of Physical goods: TheQEffectz already has an online shop where it sells both physical and digital goods, and this shop is opened to tutors and the public at large, who wish to sell either their digital products or physical products like already-made dresses, shoes, bags, jewelries, sewing machine(new or fairly-used), mobile phones, laptops e.t.c) @ 20% royalty. However intended vendors will be responsible for making deliveries.
  4. Business Promotion: Teaching on our platform is an indirect way of saying you know your onions when it comes to sewing and fashion designing. And it is thus another way of promoting your business. Clients and customers alike would want to patronize what you do.


    TheQEffectz is also working on the following:

    1. Mobile Application
    2. Sale of Physical goods
    3. Recharge Card Payment System

    TheQEffectz Mobile Application

    In case you are not already aware, TheQEffectz is currently working on a mobile application that would ensure sewists get all that they need at the touch of a button. It will also keep them updated on what is going on in our online classes and blog. This application would be supported by subscription though, i.e users will have to pay a little amount to be able to view our tutorials, download or read our ebooks.
    This platform will be opened to advertisers who wish to put up their products for sale. So if interested, please contact us via our contact form or by sending a mail to or by chatting live with one of our customer representatives at the bottom of our site page.


     Sale of Physical goods

    TheQEffectz already has an online shop where it sells both physical and digital goods, and this shop is opened to tutors and the public at large, who wish to sell either their digital products or physical products like already-made dresses, shoes, bags, jewelries, sewing machine(new or fairly-used), mobile phones, laptops e.t.c) @ 20% royalty. However intended vendors will be responsible for making deliveries.

     Recharge Card Payment System

    In additions to all of these, TheQEffectz is also working on including a new payment gateway that accepts recharge cards as payments.So for those that do not like using their bank cards to make payments online, don't worry, we are working hard to incorporate that payment system which will help with that.

    So if you are interested in becoming an online tutor here on TheQEffectz, please fill this form and submit. And then we'll get back to you with further details.

    For Interested students, registrations will commence on August 2017; as soon as my wedding is done and my honeymoon is enjoyed lolx. Don’t worry I’ll try not to get pregnant right away. So as soon as we are ready to launch these plans into full operations, we'll pass the message across.

    So till next time on more updates, please don't forget to over to our previous: VOTE THE NEXT FEMALE PROJECT to choose the next female outfit you want me to teach.




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    1. Well done, Quincy....theqeffectz is moving forward and higher, Amen.

    2. this is fantastic Quincy!!!

    3. what's the price of the classes? Am interested o but I already have experience,just need to brush up on my pattern making

      1. The prices will be announced as soon as registration begins next month. Thnk you so much for your comment.


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