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Hi Sew lovers!
Happy New week!
How's sewing going and how was Saturday's tutorial? Please click here if you missed it. Hope it was easy to grasps? Don't forget to simply leave your thoughts or confusions about it on the comment boxes of the already-mentioned tutorial, and I'd respond to them.
So as we all know, or for those that do not know, our Men sewing project is gradually coming to an end. Next weekend will be our last class on TheQEffectz Men Sewing Project and I want to appreciate every one of you that has embarked on this journey with me.
Thank you so much for your requests.
However, it is unfortunate that I'll be going away for a while. Yeah guys, I'm so sorry. For the next couple of months, I will not be able to bring you guys tutorials.  My wedding is coming up pretty soon, and I have to focus on all the activities needed to be done. Although, whenever I find the time, I plan to be here, showing off the bridesmaids' dresses, pre-wedding and reception dresses I want to make, as well as invite you all to come and 'chop' rice at the reception venue.😀

But in the meantime, please take out time to vote for the next female projects that you want us to look into immediately I get back.
We have: 

Which of these outfits do you think I should treat first?
 Please vote by selecting any one of the pictures and clicking on the vote button.
Note to Opera-mini mobile users:Kindly switch to your mobile default browser or any other browser(Chrome/ Firefox Mozilla/ UcBrowser) to enjoy the full functionality of TheQEffectz and to be able to place a vote.
If none of the options above are your desired thoughts, simply click here to make a request. However, please do note that only members of TheQEffectz can have their requests granted. Meaning, if you are not a subscriber of our platform, I am afraid your request will be declined. So if you haven't subscribed yet, please do so now, by clicking here.
Also, let me use this opportunity to chip in that TheQEffectz request forms are not for contacting us or asking questions. If you have a question about any of our tutorials, please leave your questions on any of our comment boxes(Blogger, Disqus or facebook) and I'll get back to you. If you have any confusions, queries, problems or perhaps you just want to say hi or appreciate us, simply do so via our contact form, here or chat live with one of our customer representatives at the bottom of our site page.
See Screenshot below:

Any question, issues, problems or message sent via our request form will be disregarded and ignored. So please if you do not want your questions, issues or problems ignored, kindly use the appropriate channels.
While away, feel free to dig through our Sewing Resources page to download any tutorial of your choice for free or for sale.
Currently available for sale are:
  1. How to make a padded off shoulder six pieces dress
  2. How to make a six pieces pattern in Two ways
  3.  How male a female jumpsuit pattern
  4. How to make a Female Pencil trouser's pattern(for clients)
  5. How to make culottes pattern
  6. How to make off shoulder blouse using non stretch fabric
  7. How to make off shoulder blouse using stretch fabric
  8. How to make a peplum blouse
  9. How make a Maxi dress pattern. 
Once again, I want to thank you all so much for hanging with me through out The Men Sewing Project and see you next time on more updates.



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