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Hi Sewlovers
Okay, so I'm here to briefly remind you guys to always visit TheQEffectz Sew and pattern-making shop(Sewing resources' pages), perhaps weekly for new products that may or may not have been treated in our weekly tutorials. 

We have so many tutorials there already-both for beginners and intermediates that you can easily download to your mobile phone, pcs/ laptops to use at your own convenience. Also, if perhaps you could not find the tutorials you want in our shop, you can request for it by simply filling our request form here. However, please do note that this privilege is exclusive to our members, a.k.a subscribers of TheQEffectz. So if you haven't subscribed to our platform yet, please do so now, by clicking here(Subscription is free) to enjoy this privilege

So newly added to our shop is the tutorial I promised the sew lovers in TheQEffectz Sew Community-HOW TO MAKE A BASIC BLOUSE PATTERN(FOR CLIENTS). Unfortunately, I couldn't bring it to them as a tutorial, because as earlier mentioned in my previous post(see here if you missed it), presently, I have so many sewing projects in hand . So, I wouldn't be able to take part in the community, neither will I be able to bring tutorials here every Saturday, until my wedding is done. 

But please, let this not dissuade you from joining the community if you are not yet a member of it. We have over 135 members who can testify of how amazing the group has been. They learn from one another and have been instrumental so far in each other's growth. So whether you are a beginner or intermediate, Nigerian or Non-Nigerian, you are invited. We will be thrilled to have you join us. Currently, we have only 100 slots left(as we all know, Whatsapp can only take 256 members). So please don't be left out. Join the community now and enjoy what is means to be connected to other sewlovers.
 To learn more about TheQEffectz Sew Community, Please click here

As for the tutorial: How to make a Basic Blouse Pattern(for client), even though it is not for Beginners, I still think the beginners can benefit from it. It is well detailed and concise and has been made available on TheQEffectz Sew/Pattern-making shop for free. So start downloading now, and don't forget to invite your friends to also be part of it.
It will also mean so much to us if you leave a review of our products on our comment box. Please don't just download and go. Let us know what you think by leaving your reviews on our comment box. Telling us what you think of our products will help us serve you better. It help us make better tutorials for you. Without your reviews, we will not know where we are going wrong and what areas you want us to improve on. So please drop a review.


But before I go, let me also quickly remind you guys to vote for the next female sewing project you want me to treat when I come back. This way, I can be sure that I am satisfying your needs.
You have the option to pick between Six pieces blouse, Box pleated dress and Female shorts. However, please do note that you can only vote for one.
So to vote, please click here.
And till another time for more updates here on TheQEffectz, kisses.



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